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Just wondering if I will be able to add cemetery images if I take them with the app. If not I will continue to take them with my digital camera? Thanks
asked in Adding by v0rtex2o14 BG Beginner (270 points)

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Assuming you mean general photos of the landscape, signs, gates, etc., not photos of individual graves.

You can do it either way, as photos of the cemetery, gate, sign do not need to have GPS tagging (They should but they dont).

If you take them with regular camera, then save them to your computer/drive, all you have to do then is to to them to add them to the cem page.

If you take them with the app, then you have to open them in the  transcribe window, copy then and save to your drive, and then copy them back to BG cemetery page. It is an extra set of clicks, but fine to do it that way.  However, if you try to copy them from the "MY PHOTOS" directly they will come up fuzzzy, as those are actually just thumbnails.

I just use the app and do the extra clicks, so I don't have to deal with the digi-cam.

answered by dswright BG Master (37.9k points)
selected by v0rtex2o14
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General cemetery photos can be taken from within the app (at least on the iPhone - I don't know about Android)

From the app's home screen tap "Cemeteries"

Assuming you are at the cemetery, then tap "Show Nearest"

The nearest cemetery is top of the list so select it. If there are several clustered close together you might have to select the correct one.

Then click the "Photo" icon at bottom left.

A warning appears to say that this function is for general cemetery photos but not for grave photos.

Hit "Continue" and the camera app opens for you to take photos. Be sure to go back to the home screen and select "Take Pictures" for subsequent photos of graves.



answered by Jeff Smithson BG Explorer (4.1k points)
Next time I go out will test this with the Android phone app. Thanks for the input.