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Assist with Transcription Corrections

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I have been doing BG transcriptions for about a year and would like to provide assistance also by reviewing and correcting other transcriptions if needed.  Is there an easier way to do that other than going to a particular cemetery page and selecting IMAGES - and going through them one-by-one?

Thanks for any guidance to expedite the process.
asked Mar 21, 2017 in Records by JeanneZie BG Beginner (370 points)
I have been photographing and transcribing on BG since May 2014.  While I'm waiting for winter to be over so I can go out again, I am trying to correct errors.  I haven't been on the Community in quite some time, but today I decided to post a comment. I am hoping I live for at least another 25 years because that's how long it's going to take to correct all the needless errors on the 65,000+ images I've uploaded.  Names in ALL CAPS, obvious missing dates, maiden names transcribed as middle names, spelling errors, incorrect dates, and the thing that bugs me the most - transcribing the names of people on headstones who have NO DATE OF DEATH.  These should be transcribed under "Others not buried here".  Once they're removed, there seems to be no way to enter them, unless their name is put in Grave info.

I have been going into my individual cemeteries, browsing and then checking each name on the list.  If I notice ALL CAPS, no dates, misspellings, etc. I go into the transcription page and make the corrections.  This is very time-consuming and frustrating to say the least.   This has been an issue with BG since I started and it hasn't gotten any better.  There are too many transcribers who just want to be on the Leaderboard, so making errors doesn't matter.  It seems quantity over quality is what they want.  

I probably could just give up, but I live in a small province and I want folks to be able to find their relatives and have the information correct.  As I said, it's very frustrating.

Sorry for the rant and thanks for helping.


I agree, Lynn, with your assessment that some prefer quantity over quality - and that's why I would like to help make corrections.  One correction issue you raised, however, made me go back to the BG guidelines for transcribing; i.e., placing those w/no DOD noted into "others not buried here" rather than transcribing them (since eventually they most likely will be buried there).  Per the guidelines, "If the individual with only one date listed is on a headstone with another person that has two dates listed, it is likely that the one-date individual is still living. Record the one date as a birth date and leave the death date blank.‚Äč"

Has this guideline been changed?

Thanks for the clarification....

Hi JeanneZie, thanks for your reply.  No, it hasn't changed, however, I believe there was a big discussion on the "others not buried here" issue back in 2014 or 2015, but, I couldn't find it.  I have an issue with entering people who are NOT deceased as if they are, granted no DOD is entered, so I was entering them under "others not buried here", because they are not buried here.  I know some folks would be offended if they saw their name listed on the web, especially here in my little part of the world.  So, I will have to make a decision as I'm doing corrections.  If I leave them as is, I will still have millions of other corrections to make.  I read a valid point that it may be the only time the person's name appears on BG. I know on PEI if I read of a death and the headstone image is on here it's not a big problem for me to enter the info, along with the obit, but it would be almost impossible in most of the rest of the world.  Thanks for giving me something to think about as I carry on with my corrections.
Hi again, JeanneZie, funny thing just happened.  I was going through a particular cemetery making corrections and I came across a name and I said to myself, his wife just died recently.  So, I found her obit and added her name to the headstone image and removed it from 'others not buried here'.  I also added the obit so that people know I have the information correct.  There is a saying that on PEI everyone knows everyone or knows someone who does.  Sometimes that's a blessing.

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Jeanne - thanks for asking about this. A while ago Grave-Digger, who has been inactive recently, posted up a very lengthy and expressly informative answer to your questioN.


 I am doing a lot of these things when I have time; just try a few things, find a "category' with which you are comfortable and go at your own pace. If you are not sure how to handle a given case, you can make a note of the record number, and then ask for help here in the community. If you do, please give the URL ofa the record of concern. There are several of us who have done many, many corrections and are happy to help out when someone needs assistance.

I am still learning a little more every time I go in BG, and no one knows it all. So have at it. I find solving the mysteries of unmatched family groups much fun.

Will share a couple of tricks. If the cemetery is small enough, just hit browse on the cemetery page, go to the last page or so, and you will find a bunch of names that do not have surnames. By going to the transcription window and looking at adjacent photos sometimes you can match up a couple or a parent and child. Or find a duplicate with a better image. Try a few but leave them alone if you are not 99% positive of the interpretation.

I and a couple of other folks also go for the daily index shown at the bottom. At the top will be those records without surnames; those where there is an extra space in the beginning of the surname field, and those that are in various "interpretations"s of languages other than English. Sometimes, these are hard to read stones in older cemeteries or in the crowded European cems where it is not always clear what the surname is. Those you should just skip. Maybe one day someone will be camparing those with other databases and figure it out.

You can also search the daily index for misplaced Jr and Sr, and sometimese see those that are transcribe in ALLCAPS! And there are tons of typos.  Fix what you can. It is all fair game.


answered Mar 21, 2017 by dswright BG Master (35,270 points)
Thanks!!  Just what I was looking for.....