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What have the developers done to Linking on the App?

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I have just spent about an hour checking the linking of 547 images I took yesterday. I don't know what the developers have done to this facility but is definately not an enhancement to the App. You can now only link one image at a time as it switches off between each image as soon as you move and the button is so slow its hard to tell if linking is on or off. This leads to lots of images not linked and a complete mess for the photographer to sort out. I normally check my images but have never come across so many unlinked that should be. Please put it back to the way it was or make the image on the screen clearer so you know if you are linking images or not.
asked Apr 1, 2017 in Linking Feature by SteveN BG Explorer (4,250 points)
I agrre a clear border around the link image thumbnail would assist users trying to link out in the field. It is sometimes quite difficult to see whether the link is on or off.

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