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Hello BG,

Something has changed recently on the Grave Information page in the 6. Family section, and there now problems with both the "Relationships on the headstone" area and the "Relationships added by users" area.

I have provided details and screen shots below.


"Relationships added by users" issue
Once you have searched for and selected a record to be added to this section, the pick-list for "relationship" is completely blank.  (This would be where you would select "Spouse", "Father", "Mother" etc).  If you Save, the relationship selected is always "Spouse".

In example below, Sallie should be added to the record as "Mother", but the pick-list is blank.

After selecting Add Sallie is added to the record, but with a relationship of Spouse.

This bug is critical as it makes the "Relationships added by users" feature useless (unless adding a Spouse.)

Relationships on the headstone issue
After selecting a relationship from the pick-list in this section, the webpage displays a different relationship than the one that was chosen.  When you click the "Add Relationship" button, the correct (picked) relationship is added to the record.

Example: Choose "Father" from the pick-list

After clicking on "Father", webpage shows this:

Clicking "Add Relationship" results in the correct relationship being added (Father):

Since the correct information is saved, this is not a critical problem, but it is pretty confusing.

asked in Website by Celique BG Veteran (10.8k points)

1 Answer

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I'm getting a bug in this section too, except that there's nothing in the drop down menu for me to choose their relationship.  Sounds like there's definitely a glitch in the code there.
answered by MissJayEm BG Beginner (210 points)