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I just took photos this afternoon at 5:30 pm and came home from the cemetery to discover that someone has already transcribed my photos.  This is not fair.  I went to the trouble to take the photos and research their names and someone else transcribed them.  I do not get the credit for transcribing the images.  NOT FAIR.  This happened to me before for the same cemetery.  (Mount Olivet Cemetery in Salt Lake City.)  As you can see from the screenshot, the photo was transcribed by someone else on the very same day that I took the photo.Note photo take on April 13th and Transcribed by someone else on the same day.

asked in Other by utourdoctor BG Beginner (490 points)
I feel your pain.  I went to a cemetery on Friday to redo some images because they are old and hard to read, then I worked on the cemetery after I got home to make sure everything was correct.  It was a lot of work.  Just a few minutes ago I went into the cemetery to check it out and I found someone had transcribed some of those photos - with the last names spelled INCORRECTLY.  They put Vatt when it was quite clear the name was Wyatt.  I'm spitting nails right now.
Did you send message to BG and did you get any response to this issue?
Yes and NO!  Then again, it's no surprise.

I am new to the transcribing process and found myself a bit concerned that I might be a "poacher"  I log in and volunteer to transcribe and am given an image, which I then transcribe. I am currently not in a position where I can go out and photograph a cemetery so am trying to help by just doing the transcribing side of things. Is there something on the page that tells me that I am taking credit from the photographer? if so please let me know so I don't do it in the future.  Thanks!

If you login and go to the Transcribe button, the system should only open images that are already in the open queue. There is a "bug" that sometimes opens an image for someone who is within a certain number of miles of the image, even when the image is in the 14-day window.

Actually, I am not so sure that that 50-mile 'bug" is still operational, because I do a lot of transcribing for someone within 50 miles of me who takes images but does not transcribe. Several times recently, I went into some cemeteries where he had images within the 14 day window and they did not come up for me in the regular transcribe system.

One way you can check for inadvertant poaching is to transcribe one or two and then check to see when and by whom the image was taken. If it was with that 14-day window, just skip on by images from that cemetery.

I really don't think distance bug is the source of the poaching complaints. There is another way that images could poached but I will never explain it here in the forum.!!

As a newcomer, please only transcribe images in cemeteries within your own culture and geographic region. If you get images that you can't read easily and complete, just hit that SKIP button and move on. Sooner or later that image will come up for someone who does know how to transcribe it.

And welcome to our Community. Have fun with it.


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You can send a message directly to that transcriber by clicking on the "Thumb" icon. Just be polite, please and tell them that the rest of us consider this to be POACHING, and it is very bad form and frankly unethical.

There are at least two ways that this can happen; one is deliberate and the other is rather inadvertant, and some users don't even know about the window. I won't say how it can happen as some may take that as a way to Poach on purpose. Yes not everyone here is ethical all the time.

You should also send a note directly to BG Support and ask them to please let that transcriber know that they should not be doing this. BG should also return all the images he transcribed back to you so you get the credit for doing both image and transcription.

One way to protect your images is not to upload until you are at home at computer and then only do about 10-20 at a time.

I wish that BG would not run that scroll of recent uploads, as that just gives the poacher something to feed on.

answered by dswright BG Master (37.7k points)
selected by utourdoctor
I emailed the transcriber and BG to tell them of this problem - AGAIN.  When are they ever going to fix it.  It is sooooooo frustrating.  That's a good idea.  I'm going to contact BG and ask them to turn back all the photographs from a couple of poor transcribers that I can name so that I can get the credit for transcribing the images or, I should say, correcting their many mistakes.
I once tried to contact a poacher and was completely ignored.  I don't think the thumbs icon works.  I tried to send myself a test message and never got it.
BeNO: I had wondered if this thing was working still. Dead air?? Does anyone know any way to contact another user for situations such as this. Several times I have sent BG a note when someone was very badly transcribing or consistently taking bad photos, and I think those just go into the ether as well.  In a couple of very severe case of bad transcriptions I offered to go back and make needed correction if BG would let me know the perp had been cautioned, and again got no response from BG on it.  What to do??
Honestly, I just correct the record.  I don't  know if BG notifies bad transcribers.  They should let the person that they are not helping, but I think they just depend on users with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) yuck, yuck to fix them.
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Всем привет и наилучшие пожелания!

Господа, не нужно возмущаться что кто-то помог вам с расшифровкой. Я много фотографирую и один с расшифровкой справиться не могу и поэтому благодарен всем, кто тратит своё время на помощь мне.
А чтобы все было правильно, я просто прохожу  все свои фотографии и устраняю ошибки и неправильности в данных
А если вам так нужно иметь бонус в виде БГ+, то возьмите и расшифруйте нужное количество фото из чужих размещенных.
Фотографируйте больше, если есть возможность и проверяйте правильность.
Однако я удивлен, что прежде было две недели на расшифровку фото, прежде чем они поступят в открытый доступ, но почему-то админы решили это поломать. Надеюсь, временно!
answered by GorAM BG Explorer (1.5k points)

All greetings and best wishes! Gentlemen, do not be indignant that someone helped you with decoding. I take a lot of pictures and one can not cope with decoding and therefore I am grateful to everyone who spends their time helping me. And for everything to be correct, I just go through all my photos and eliminate mistakes and irregularities in the data And if you so need to have a bonus in the form of BG +, then take and decode the right amount of photos from others placed. Take more pictures if you can and check the correctness. However, I'm surprised that before there were two weeks to decrypt the photo before they go public, but somehow the admins decided to break it. I hope it's temporary!

Google translation of GorAm's comment: 

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Hi Everyone,

We have been looking into this problem for quite some time. What we have determined is that the 14-day window is holding but a transcriber who lives in a 50-mile radius from the cemetery can access the cemetery page and transcribe the images in that cemetery. We are currently looking into better solutions for both the transcribers and photographers. Thanks for your patience!

BG Support
answered by BillionGraves Admin BG Master (157k points)
Thank you for trying to correct this.  It appears that the linking part of the app doesn't always 'link' so I often have linking errors that need fixing.  If the image gets to a 'poacher' before I can get to it it causes confusion in the transcription.  

Thanks again for paying attention to this situation.