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Since the latest  app update my phone has a unstable GPS.  I have to keep restarting the phone to get a good signal.  The app also froze my phone and I had to remove the battery to set things right.
asked in Android Devices by BeNotForgotten BG Veteran (14.5k points)

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@BeNotForgotten, thanks for contacting us about this issue.  It looks like we have a couple of crash logs from your device in our system.  One of them occurred when the phone was attempting to auto-focus the camera.  I have noticed problems with auto-focus in other phones before, so we allow users to toggle the auto-focus feature on and off in the settings menu.  Were you using the camera when the app froze your phone?
answered by CaseyMonc BG Master (101k points)

 Were you using the camera when the app froze your phone?


Try turning off auto-focus and see if it helps improve performance.  If things still aren't working for you, let me know and I'll walk you through downgrading off of the beta version.
Okay. I will out tomorrow and see how it goes.
Did you get anymore crash logs from today?  I am still having a problem with an unstable GPS even after shutting off auto-focus.
GPS is, unfortunately a pretty complicated system with a lot of points of failure between the app, the phone, and the satellite network.  Why don't we have you downgrade off of the beta version, and if you will try out the current production version of the app and verify for me that the GPS works better for you, it will hopefully help narrow things down to the beta version of the app as the culprit that is causing the GPS issues that you are seeing.

So, here are instructions for opting out of Beta

1. Go to this URL https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.och.BillionGraves

2. Click the link that says "Leave The Program"

3. Follow the instructions on the page that the link takes you to.

Be sure to upload any photos that you have taken beforehand because Google makes you uninstall and reinstall the app.
Thanks.  Rolling back out of the beta version fixed my tablet problem too.