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This probably is a rather picayune question, and I haven't seen it addressed by BG or the Community.  When transcribing, is it proper/advisable to put a period after initials or abbreviations; e.g., Rev. L.C. Smith Sr., etc.?  Some indexing I do for other sites state NOT to use periods - just wondering if that holds true for BG transcriptions as well.  Thanks! 

asked in Other by JeanneZie BG Beginner (370 points)

1 Answer

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Hi JeanneZie.  I see it done both ways, both with and without periods.  In your example above I would note "Rev L C Smith Sr".  I believe it could make it a bit more complex in searching if a period is added, so I do not include the periods.  There may be some in the community with good reasoning as to why a period may be added, but that is my opinion.  Happy graving!
answered by Matt E BG Master (49.4k points)
Thanks, Matt...that was kinda my thinking relating to problems in searching.  I appreciate you quick response, and I will continue leaving off the periods.