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I am a little confused now. I thought I was transcribing properly, but then I would come across a problem I wasn't quite sure about, only to find I had been doing it wrong. Not glaring mistakes, but probably mistakes none the less. Example: I have been adding individuals when I see "also" on the headstone. Then when I went into "Others not buried" to find an answer to something, I read more about Others not buried and it said if there is another name on the headstone with also before it, the name should go under "others not buried here", as they might NOT be buried there. Well, now I am confused, because I added them. I am worried now that I have done so many the wrong way. I want to do this the right way. I am scared to do anymore.
asked in Other by Carol BG Beginner (240 points)

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If you are transcribing UK type stones, you should make an entry for each person named and dated on the stone. It may be "in memory" but it is presumed that they are buried there. But do read those kinds of stones very carefully as it is sometimes ambiguous when the photo is not good or completely showing the whole stone and/or grave site.

An example for "others not buried here" would be (in US) "Infant daughter of HG and LE Smith; you would enter Infant daughter Smith in the name boxes and then LE and HG Smith in the "others not buried here" boxes. Another example would be (in US) where the names of a married couple are on one side of the stone, and then all their children are listed on the back. Most of the time the children are not buried in the plot with the parents, so they should be entered in the "others not buried here" fields. In many cases they are buired with their spouses elsewhere in that same cemetery, and might be in adjacent graves in a large family plot.

Take some time to read through anumber of stones in a cemetery like the ones you have been doing so you get a sense of how others read and transcribe them.

Hope this is helpful.

answered by dswright BG Master (37.7k points)