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Why can't transcribers just use the SKIP button?

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asked May 11 in Rating by dswright BG Veteran (19,410 points)

Didn't mean to enter the question without comments. How hard is it for some people to admit that THEY can't read Russian,  or don't have the Croatian character set on their machine, or or don't even read enough Croation to know that "Obitelj" means Family. I spent yesterday working through corrections for May and found numerous examples of such travesties in transcription.

This is so insulting to the photographers for those cemeteries. The photos are generally quite good and the names and dates are clear, and for all their work to be mangled by poor transcriptions is just awful.

 I do wish there was a polite way to tell these people to desist, but too often it is too late. I also wish there was a way to return these to the queue and properly marked with the correct language. 

Just my rant for the day. Carry on.


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HI DSWright

For some people it's all about numbers. Especially with the current competition going on for May. So what if the transcribed record is useless to anyone - they want to claim their prize!!

In answer to your question there is a way to contact the transcriber. If you go to the transcribed record and in the top section called life information just below the cemetery name there is a show more link. This will open a drop down section which will give you the photographer and transcriber details. If you click the thumbs up sign you can send them a message thanking them for transcribing the record and at the same time explain to them the error of their ways. This only works if they have their account set to receive these messages.

Hope this helps

answered May 12 by SteveN BG Explorer (4,030 points)