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my mother and i have been taking photos in the heads road cemetery Wanganui  New Zealand

 when we took our photos and uploaded the they supposedly went into the manakau memorial gardens cemetery although this name is incorrect

 the heads road name and only the name  has been changed and the 262 photos that i have taken manakau memorial gardens although if you click on manakau memorial gardens in the cemetery  drop down box at the top of the page  there is only one photo in it while the heads road cemetery has 262 in it so only the name has been changed

how can this be rectified

asked in Corrections by bebbles BG Beginner (120 points)
I just realized what you meant with the drop down box. If you meant the one that appears at the top of the transcription page, that only shows the number of photos that are available to the public queue. When I open Heads Road it only shows 11 available to transcribe (for me) and they are all from "robandi". So yours would not show up there until after the 14 day window expires. When I look at the number of pins in the map, there are many untranscribed ones there, so they should be the ones you just took.

I found this image which is one of yours, so we know that they are available to you to transcribe. https://billiongraves.com/transcribe/19848737?media_id=19848737

I did not transcribe it, as it is yours! And an interesting historical character!



1 Answer

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I have done a little research and it looks like the name should be Heads Road Cemetery, so I have change it to that for you.

Here is a pdf for the council management plan from some time ago, which has a very good map of the various segments of the cemetery on the last page.


If you need further help in this, please reply back with a URL or specific details.

And thanks for trying to clear this up.

answered by dswright BG Master (37.8k points)