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I am trying to find the grave of my great-grandmother, on my father's side. Her name, according to an immigration record from 1925, her name is Rochel Israelsky married to Moische Israelsky.  Her family called her Grandma Rose. Her first husband's first name is unknown, and his last name is Firstenfeld. She came in 1925 to live with her son Manuel and family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Years later, she moved to California (I believe, San Francisco), where she died of old age. I tried several combination of names and last names, for no results available.

Could you please help me?


Monica McCrea-Steele (née Firstenfeld)
asked in Getting Started by Monica BG Beginner (130 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Monica!

I tried searching for them as well. It is very possible that your Great Grandmother is not yet on the BillionGraves database. You may want to try searching again with these tips which BillionGraves recommends:

  • Don't enter too much information.The more information you enter the more you limit the search results.
  • Try entering just a family name first.If the results are too large then add a little more information to narrow the search.
  • Try removing the "Exact Match" checkmark.Sometimes there are additional names that may be inhibiting your search.
  • Try doing a phonetic search.Names are sometimes spelled differently than you think.
  • Use the location filters sparingly.You'd be surprised how far some of your ancestors may have moved to get away from those pesky in-laws.

If you do not find it you could request the image at: https://billiongraves.com/add-cemetery-requests, but you will need to know the cemetery of which she is buried in. 

You could also try looking on other genealogy sites including findagrave.com.

Hope that helps!



answered by J. G. BG Rookie (690 points)