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It is possible to filter out MY own transcriptions? I.e. transcriptions I've made during time?
asked in Other by Palmar1 BG Beginner (140 points)

2 Answers

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Hi Palmar1,

You could not as far as I know of (unless you have also taken the pictures you are transcribing), but you could try searching for them in the BG search if you have the information of those who were buried under the headstones you have transcribed. If you find the record(s), you will be able to edit them on the page of the record.

Hope this helps!

J. G.
answered by J. G. BG Rookie (690 points)
edited by J. G.
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I think J G is correct, that you can't filter and fetch even your own photo-transcriptions. You have to go into MY PHOTO and visually search for them.

Several times in the recent past, members of the user group has asked BG to consider adding this feature for us. So many times I have wanted to go back over the last 10-20 trarnscriptions to find something I know I just did to correct something, or link it with another one that just came up, but no way to do that unless we manually/visually search through the images, and often that does not succeed.

When I was a beginner and still making a lot of common mistakes, there were many times I wanted to go back and do corrections for work done during a session, and no way to easily find them.

That being said, you can go into your browser's HISTORY and sometimes find a specific one, if you can remember what/who it was but that is a rather cumbersome work-around in my opinion and I rarely use that option.

Please think of what reasons you would want to have this function and make a list and send it to BG support in a special request. Maybe that will put it on the update work-list for them.

answered by dswright BG Master (37.7k points)