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Olive M. Passey and Lorin Passey have been assigned to Aaron's Cemetery in Clearfield, Davis, Utah, but the Map pin is in Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. When I tried to go to the transcription page to edit the cemetery, Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park is not on the list so I don't know how to change it. The url is https://billiongraves.com/transcribe/?media_id=3983630.

FYI, there is no burial of this Passey family in Davis County.
asked in Corrections by lentze BG Beginner (130 points)

1 Answer

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I have fixed this glitched record. Please go to the record again, and make sure everything is correct. Don't know why the cemetery was incorrectly assigned. but the graves are clearly within the Wasatch Memorial Park.

There is no Aaron's cemetery in clearfield either. There is an Aaron's Mortuary adjacent to Clearfield City Cem.

answered by dswright BG Master (37.7k points)
Just Wondering,

How did you change it? When I looked at it I did not see it on the "update this image's cemetery" list  that appears when you click the blue "change assigned cemetery" button (on the transcription screen).

J. G.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We visited the Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park today to make sure we were right. When we got back, we checked BillionGraves to make sure that looked good too--and it does.
Glad to see that everything is OK and you are on the ground to be sure of it.

There are several ways that a record can get messed up like this, and since I don't know/have access to the working database, I am not sure how this one happened. There does seem to be some kind of glitch when someone has their phone set on a certain GPS and then tries to create a cemetery in another location.

In any case, I carefully looked at the location of the pins for the two graves you showed and several others in that "Aaron's cemetery" and came to the conclusion that they were all properly sited in the Wasatch Memorial Park. I then went to the Clearfield area and found that there was no "aaron's cemetery" there. And, there was no entry for Wasatch in the cemetery search, although there are thousands of records in it. So, the simple final solution was to change the name in the cemetery description.

As a beginner, I would have had no idea how to "fix" this, and only figured out how to do this kind of glitch analysis after several years and many record corrections, and I confess I really enjoy the detective work to solve one like yours.

One point I want to make sure everyone understands, is that we should not arbitrarily chance the names of Cemeteries without really good evidence and analysis.