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Hi, can anyone explain how the "fulfilling a photo request" work?? I've taken some pictures but it just seems awkward/impossible trying to find a good way to upload a picture specifically back to the person who made the request.   

The iPhone mobile version is 4.1.1 (177).
asked in Support Requests by Basenjigirl BG Beginner (340 points)

1 Answer

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Once you have accepted the request, open a browser and sign in to Billiongraves.com.
On the Dashboard page, left column, under "Getting Started" click on "My Requests".
Under "requests I have accepted", choose any that do not have check marks, from here you can fulfil the request/s.
answered by Ohiokiwi BG Beginner (200 points)
Thanks.  I understand how to accept the request on my end. My question is how does the process work after I fulfill the request?  How does the requester get the photo?

Right now it seems the "fulfill request" button is not working. When I click on fulfill request, then I go to "upload photo", it says "Using pictures of headstones that you have taken with your camera to fulfill requests will be available in the near future".  So in the meantime, how do I fulfill the requests??
Use the app as if you are just taking any other photos.  The photo will then be part of the BG database and can be looked up by the requester.