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I found James Miller (1795 -- 22 September 1850) in BillionGraves yesterday; he is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in New York, Lot 2298, Section 57.  I purchased BillionGraves+ hoping to find more information, but, when I checked a few minutes ago, I can no longer find James Miller in BillionGraves!  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks for any help.
asked in Records by spawnofajewishcarpenter BG Beginner (130 points)
Did you ever find your ancestor on BG?

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A quick check got these results and some questions:

1. There are about 12 Greenwood Cemteries llisted in New york State -you did not specify what city or county, so which one? Some of them have images, others are still blank which means no one has taken photos there yet.

2. There is a Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn with many old stones. Is this the one you seek?

3. Are you sure it was a Greenwood? there are lots of other "green" names in cemeteries like Evergreen; etc.

The search engine in BG is very spelling and case dependent. Try a lot of variations before you give up.

Good luck and reply back if you need further technical help.

answered by dswright BG Master (38k points)