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When I first joined BillionGraves you were able to view the list of burials for each cemetery, this function no longer works (you can only search on named individuals). The cemetery search does not work, to reach a cemetery I have to search for a person buried there.

Please could someone advise if a fix will be put in place to enable cemetery search and the viewing of alphabetical lists of burials. I would like to photograph a partially completed cemetery but am unable to check which memorials have already been photographed and transcribed. Images are available but there are hundreds
asked in BillionGraves New Design by RoseB2 BG Beginner (330 points)
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Hi RoseB2,

You can view an alphabetical list of headstones at a cemetery by clicking on "Browse" on your cemetery of choices main page as shown below:

The cemetery search function appears to be working normally. I searched for a number of different cemeteries and the search function found all of them.

Can you provide any examples of cemeteries you were searching for, that did not come up in the search function?

Cheers Jim

answered by Whitejaegar BG Master (92.7k points)
Hi Whitejaeger,

Thank you very much for your help and reply.

The problem may be an issue at my end. If I use the Cemeteries Search I receive the message "Loading search results" but no information loads, (there is no circle spinning). If I go to a cemetery page (using People search which works well) and click the browse button as shown in your message the orange circle appears but again no information loads (this happens on all cemeteries tried (England and Scotland cemeteries).

People Search works very well but the Cemeteries search does not work at all for me

Thanks, Rose