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Hello Everyone,

Found this while transcribing: https://billiongraves.com/transcribe?media_id=20158613

It looks like a pet's marker? What would you do?

Thanks in advance, JoClare
asked in Other by JCL BG Beginner (160 points)

1 Answer

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Hi JoClare,

I haven't personally come across one of these but have seen them transcribed before. Unfortunately the photographer of this one hasn't linked the photo to a photo of the owner's grave so it's difficult to tell exactly which grave it belongs to.

The photos are time stamped, but even with that, it would be a guess as to which grave to link it to. You could try contacting the photographer to see if they could shed any more light on it or not.

While BG is definitely meant for human only remains, I personally don't have anything against pet graves being included as long as they are clearly identifiable with the owners grave. Pets are a huge part of some peoples lives and are often valued as much as children, or in fact as a replacement for children. A future family historian may find this information invaluable and often not found in any other place.

Cheers Jim
answered by Whitejaegar BG Master (92.7k points)
Thank you Jim for your answer, it seems that someone has decided to just transcribe it as unknown. I'm not sure that that is the best course of action, but since I have no better idea, I will not over-concern myself with it. I do agree that something like this properly attached to an individuals grave would provide a delightful and personal insight to a ancestor rarely seen, perhaps added to the record as a note?

Again, my thanks for taking the time to provide some insight,

Best, JoClare