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How can the BillionGraves app be downloaded when it doesn't appear in the App store?  I am currently in China telling people about BillionGraves, but it is not available in their app store.  Is there a link that I can share with them that will allow them to download BillionGraves even though it doesn't appear in their app store?
asked in Frequently Asked Questions by deweyjlevie BG Beginner (370 points)

1 Answer

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You should send a message to BG support with this question. They might have a work-around for such a situation.

China is so peculiar about what they allow on the internest. But, having had some experience with young Chinese students, there if there is a way, the Chinese young moderns will have figured it out. You might try just asking some of them if there is a way that they can "lift" an app from your phone to theirs.

Meanwhile, I will ask some Chinese students I know what they would do.

answered by dswright BG Master (38k points)