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What are the controls for adding a border to a cemetery?

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In step 2 ("Verify Cemetery Location on Map") of adding a new cemetery, there is an option to Add Border.  When I select that option, I assume that I'm ready to add the cemetery's border to the map - but I don't see any controls or guidance for actually doing so.  How does one add a border?

asked Jul 25, 2017 in Adding by John Rigali BG Beginner (160 points)

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John - are you asking HOW to use the Add Boundary tool?

Actually it is pretty easy.

Be sure that you know where the boundary needs to go. Try not to overrlap with any adjacent cemetery.

Open Cemetery editing pane.

Click on the Add Boundary link just below the image. . Zoom out and you will see a red outline polygon. Notice that it has corner dots and also dots between the corners. You can now grab and drag the red lines/dots until you get the outline where you want it. I did a pretty complex polygon on a big lawn cemetery the other day and it was easy-peasy. Hit SAVE and  refresh the page  Then check it both in the editing pane and in the regular cemetery window and make any llittle adjustment as needed.

Have fun.

answered Jul 25, 2017 by dswright BG Master (35,270 points)
selected Aug 1, 2017 by John Rigali
When I zoomed out, I saw a "focus circle" instead of the red outline polygon.  The circle had a crosshair at its center and four "control" dots around its perimeter, each of which can be "grabbed" and moved to enlarge or shrink the circle.  Here's what I did:

• I greatly shrunk the circle (because the cemetery that I was adding is quite small), then zoomed in further.  I actually had to zoom in so much that the map view changed from perpendicular-to-ground to oblique-to-ground, and the circle was converted into an ellipse.

• I positioned the ellipse so that its crosshair rested at the approximate center of the cemetery lot (which appears to be approximately square).

• I shrunk the ellipse a bit more so that its perimeter was nearly touching each edge of the cemetery lot.

• At this point, I noticed that the "Add Border" button had appeared again.  I clicked it again...and then the red outline polygon appeared!

• I used the polygon's dots to reshape it to the approximate boundary of the cemetery lot.

• I clicked the Save Border button.

Thanks for your help!

What device/OS are you using, as you describe a circle which I don't get when I do this on my Dell laptop with Chrome? I just get a square with grab dots. In any case a great job of describing what you have done. Glad it worked for you.