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GPS location in Cemetery window and graves that have gps location modified

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Some weeks ago I took some pictures at https://billiongraves.com/cemetery/Hamilton-Avenue-Cemetery/135120
For some reason all pictures' gps was off that day, normally they are within 4-5 feet. All pictures ended up in the street outside the cemetery. I transcribed all the pictures and also dragged the pin for each grave to the correct location of the graves (function under Grave Site). If you look at the graves under "Nearby Graves", you will see that all the graves are at the correct location. Do BillionGraves have a tool/program so all the corrected gps locations also can be copied over to the Cemetery part of the database(s)? It does not look good with all the graves in the street outside the cemetery. It is also difficult for other BG photographers to see where previous pictures have been taken. Would have been nice if BillionGraves had a "cleaning" program that took the information from graves where gps location had been modified and copied this information to the Cemetery part of the database(s). Maybe this could be run once a week (if you have/make such a cleaning program)?

(this has also been sent to BillionGraves as a problem/bug)
asked Aug 9, 2017 in Uploading Images from BG apps by oba BG Rookie (560 points)
edited Aug 9, 2017 by oba

1 Answer

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Oba - did you get an response about this? I took a look at the cemetery and it almost looks like the pins are at a 90-degree angle to the actual rows?  Did you take the photos closest to the highway/road or up and down the lines of graves next to the cemetery road?

answered Aug 15, 2017 by dswright BG Master (34,390 points)
I just got this standard mail from BG less than hour after I sent the bug mail, nothing else.

I started with the gravestone closest to the gate, went up along the road, then back down on the second row.

Some years ago, I took some pictures with a phone that had no service provider. In my car, I had a hot spot that the phone was connected to and all the pictures ended up 100 feet from correct location. I believe my hot spot caused this?

Maybe the phone's location function should be set up only using GPS satellites and turn off "use wireless networks" and "Sensor aiding". I had all 3 on when I took the pictures.

Oystein (oba)