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Having problems like before.

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The small image loads but the larger picture for transcribing don't or is extremely slow to load.  It's getting frustrating.  Seems there is always problems anymore.
asked Aug 9, 2017 in Bugs/Fixes by Agnes BG Rookie (700 points)
Agnes, I must apologize. The problems are back, I just had not experienced it yet myself. See comments in other posts by me and other users.


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agnes - I did a lot of transcribing yesterday with no major issues. Please go back to my reply of about a week ago and go over the questions I asked you then. Did you try to contact BG support to see if the issue might be with your APP/Device interface.

Are you trying to transcribe from your own photos that you took or from the general photo queue?

answered Aug 10, 2017 by dswright BG Master (34,390 points)
Hi!  I don't take pictures, I transcribe from the photo queue.  It gets so frustrating because you are going along good and then POOF,  they won't load to transcribe.  I'm sorry I didn't see the one from a week ago.  Thanks for the help.