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What is the meaning of SUPPORTING RECORDS

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asked Aug 11, 2017 in Records by karani4ma BG Beginner (260 points)

1 Answer

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Hi karani4ma,

Supporting records are documents that support the main records on BG.

  • Birth/Death Certificatessupporting_records_diagram1_v2-01
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Burial Records
  • Cremation Records
  • Unmarked Graves
  • Military Records
  • Headstone records WITHOUT GPS coordinates
  • Any other type of record that supports and validates any BillionGraves Headstone Records

Because BG primary records are GPS encoded photos, everything else is considered secondary or supporting.

Cheers Jim

answered Aug 12, 2017 by Whitejaegar BG Master (90,540 points)