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If I'm reading prior posts and the FAQ correctly, BG owns the copyright on all images and that it is okay for me to use them for my personal, not-for-profit research. I would imagine that I can not post the images on places like Ancestry.com, but can I include them in my own biographies of ancestors and share them with family? Of course, I'll give credit to BG and the photographer, including a link to BG. Thanks for clarifying.

asked in Frequently Asked Questions by gramssearch BG Beginner (180 points)

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Hi gramsearch,

Yes, from my reading of the FAQ and the Terms of Use https://billiongraves.com/terms-of-use/#/ 

that would be acceptable use of the images. If you're still concerned I would email support using the form at the bottom of the main BG pages.

Cheers Jim

answered by Whitejaegar BG Master (92.8k points)
selected by gramssearch
thanks so much, Jim!