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uploaded to wrong cemetery

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There is a little cemetery in a county park tucked away in some woods.  There is no name for the cemetery, and it used to be the "potter's field."  When I uploaded 69 photos from my phone, the app assigned them all to a larger cemetery, Shiffler Cemetery, that is not too far away.  However, Shiffler is absolutely the wrong location. Probably the best name for the cemetery would be Opdycke Park Cemetery, since it is located in Opdycke Park.  How do I change the name of the cemetery the images are assigned to?


asked Aug 24, 2017 in Corrections by lisa987654321 BG Beginner (130 points)

1 Answer

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Two steps to fix this.

1. Create a new cemetery for the Opdyke Park Cemetery.

 -- Open Cemetery Map and navigate to the location of the Opdyke cemetery. Down at bottom, click on Add a New Cemetery and follow the guidance to create the Opdyke Cemetery. You might want to add in the description a note that this might have been the potters/poorhouse site, if you are sure of the information. Check with locals on this "history".

  -- Once you have created the new Opdyke cemetery, you can move those grave records to it:

2. Open the Shiffler Cemetery, and navigate above it to the pins that are at the Opdyke location.

3 Click and open each of the pins in the Opdyke park location,  one at a time, iin the Transcription Window. Change the Cemetery location from Shiffler to Opdyke. Be sure to hit the  UPDATE and Save after each cemetery change.

It should not take too long to correct all these to the right location.

Reply back here if you need more.

answered Aug 24, 2017 by dswright BG Master (35,270 points)