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photos unreadable

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It's really frustrating when you click on a cemetery to transcribe and most of the photos are unreadable.  Either the flash is right on the stone and is unreadable or the photo is taken from the top so the bottom is unreadable or the photo doesn't include the entire stone of the photo is so dark that it's unreadable. What happened to quality versus quantity?
asked Sep 5, 2017 in Other by tuckersmom BG Explorer (1,070 points)

1 Answer

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So often these are photos taken as part of some large group project and the photographers never see the images on the website, so they don't know that the photos are bad ones. Just hit SKIP and move on. I don't label them BAD unless everything is unreadable or obscured. Sometimes there are clues to allow them to be linked to other more readable stones, or details are visible with high magnification.  Just leave them to the queue.

And you are right; you would think that anyone who took the time to go to a cemetery and do this work, which is not easy or quick, would take the time to learn how to do it as best as possible. If I see something that a person does sconsistently badly, I will do a note in the Thanks:

"Thanks for taking the time to go photographs in this cemetery. Next time you take photos of this kind of stone (dual -couple) or (family upright monument) it is helpful for you to take an overall shot of the whole stone, on all sides and then close ups of the inscriptions, and LINK them as best you can. Thanks again, your work is appreciated. "

Keep calm and transcribe on.

answered Sep 5, 2017 by dswright BG Master (35,270 points)