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Before the  "improvements" to the site you were able to look up the people in a cemetery by name. Now , unless I have missed a clue somewhere, I can only look at who is in the cemetery by photo. It makes it a long tedious process to find loved ones. I have to go through pages and pages of photos instead of  an  alphabetical list.  Disappointed.
asked in Person Lookup by edkinsclan BG Beginner (260 points)

1 Answer

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It is still there. Go to the cemetery page and scroll down. You will see a search frame and the word BROWSE. If you are looking for a particular person, enter the last name and hit BROWSE and it will search and display all entries in the cemetery with that name. You can enter just a single letter in either first of last name and it will return all itmes with that value (unless the cemetery is extremely large - in which case try to give it a little more detail.

If you add nothing in the search data field and just hit BROWSE it will display all records, alphabetically, starting with those with * - ? or other special characters, and you can page though the entire list if you want.

Hope this helps; reply back if you need more assistance.

answered by dswright BG Master (38k points)
Thank you so very much
I also want to Browse names in a cemetery.  I did this a few days ago, now I can't seem to navigate to this function.  It seems the more I use BG the less proficient I become.  Which cemetery page are you referring to?  There is a Search records/cemetery search that leads to a Google map.  There is a cemetery map-also a map. How do I navigate to said cemetery page?
I was referring to the page for a particular cemetery, not the general cemetery look-up page. After you have searched for and clicked on a particular cemetery, that open the Cemetery Page for that location. Scroll down and you will see the Browse button. If you click on that it will open with the top of the alphabet, but you can also just enter directly into the first/last name field and do a more directed search. Some examples:

1. Enter "W" in last name and it should return all family names starting with "W"

2. Enter Wil and it will return just those names that begin with Wil.

3. Enter Williams and it will return only those named Williams.

3. Same holds for the First name field.

4. You can also search for wild card characters, llike " ___ --- ???  *** which transcribers put in to place hold for illegible characters.

5. Unfortunagely, you can't use it to search for combinations of letters and wild-cards such as Wi***ams, which would be nice.

6. There also seems to be a limit on the number of pages actually available. I find that if a cemetery has a very large number of graves (like big Veteran or those huge regional ones) that you can't get any of the ones at the end of the list to open, and the paging function then freezes, but that is just one more of the bugs that needs adjustment somehow. I have reported that to BG in the past, but I think that will need substantial programming work, not just a simple code fix.

Cheer, and hope this is helpful to you.