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I know where a relative is buried and have name, death date and the co-ordinates for the cemetery. But even cemetery search does not show it listed.  I looked on Geody to find the nearby intersection and used the Google Map to find that and BG does have the cemetery located correctly on the map but it does not come up in any search.  I assume the reason my ancestors name James Atwood does not appear is because no one has taken photos there and I think the headstones may be totally damaged.  But I was baffled that the Cemetery itself did not appear in a proper search.

Chester Cemetery Grinnell  Poweshiek County Iowa, USA Latitude: 41.84167, Longitude: -92.71822
asked in Cemeteries by judifreed BG Beginner (200 points)

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I searched on the BG map page and found these two. Which one is the one you seek? Neither of them have any images, so this means they are tagged in BG but no on has yet taken photographs at either of them. If you know the local names for these and can provide corrections, reply back here and I will correct them.

Is the Chester Cemetery a cemetery for the Chester Church or is there a cemetery at the Chester Church location as well. I think these may be inadvertant duplicates.

At the one on Cemetery Road, there are two graveyards, across the street. Are these both parts of Chester Cem, or is the smaller on a distinct different cemtery?





answered by dswright BG Master (37.9k points)
Thanks. the chester-cemetery/33500 is the one I was referencing.  My 5th generation grandfather is buried there along with his wife I believe.  Obviously no one has photo'd there.

Tis far for me (fr CA to Iowa) to look myself but maybe I will have the chance one day.  The other one is probably legit also if in an old churchyard.  After a few years in a thriving community they needed overflow space.  It was reported to me that the 33500 is well tended and indeed on both sides of Cemetery road.  Maybe someone living near there will take photos and post them.  

My original wonder was why that Chester cemetery did not show up when I did a search.  Lots of others did.  I had to do my own convoluted search to find the streets it was near now and then search on the map.  Then it was there but I think it should have come up in a search even if it had not yet been photo'd.  I was allready to try to add it as a new cemetery but went through the long process of finding by location using Google and Geody etc  It was worthwhile because I learned a lot about working with those map tools.

Judi Freed
You could go to the cemetery page and put in a request for someone out there to take a photo of your family graves. Give the request enough details so they can be sure of the right graves. Sometimes a person will go to fulfill a photo request and end up doing the whole cemetery if it is small enough.

Worth a try, since you lilve so far away.

As for the search, with the new system on the nmap page, I have found that less is better. I put in Chester and Iowa and those two popped up. Often if you just put in the county and state, it works better than if you enter a town name.