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asked in Adding by Dillard D Yates BG Beginner (130 points)

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Do you mean that you want to add a cemetery to the database? If so, check the cemetery map as well as search for it in the search engine for the site.  Make some effort not to create a duplicate cemetery, as this means more work for other volunteers and BG support staf to correct and merge duplicates.

This link on the blog give basics for adding a cemetery, but it was written prior to some recent updates. 


The direct link is  > .Dashboard . > Research . Add a Cemetery (not Tools). 

One thing that was added is the ability to draw a polygon boundary around the cemetery. This is not so important for an isolated rural cemetery, but where there are several adjacent or nearby one (such as a multichurch old town center, or a cluster where the cemeteries are "owned" or managed by different church denominations or burial societies. 


answered by dswright BG Master (37.9k points)