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I am getting fed up with the totally incorrect military translations. How does it get "Army Nurses Corps" out of "Canadian Ordinance Corps", for example? Virtually NONE of the military info is being parsed correctly and it's a disgrace to the men and women who served  that their information is being so badly screwed up!
asked in Bugs/Fixes by JamesD BG Rookie (580 points)

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Please read this post from back in January on this subject. It has been source of agony for many of us, who want to honor our military but are frustrated by the poor input system. It says it is about UK but it really is about any mililtary record.


 Everyone - we need to get BG to make some corrections to this system. It would be a new programming/interface problem, but should be solvable. Ideas anyone? How to key in data and make it searchable properly?

answered by dswright BG Master (38.4k points)
That's a bit annoying that to get the correct info in, you need to do the transcription, then go to to the "record" and manually enter the info there. At least it's doable.

The parser is worthless. They should just do away with it and give us the individual fields!

(My question is, who is going to go through all the records already entered and fix them all?)