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At the entrance of the Willaston cemetery there is a section stating that these headstones were removed & relocated from the Gawler Pioneer Park. My query is, when it comes time to photograph/transcribe them what is the best method.  Do I take them as linked images showing the sign stating they came from another cemetery & transcribe them as you would a family plot, that is, each having a separate headstone, but all related to the one plot OR do I take each as a separate photo & transcribe them separately & just add a note to the transcribed headstones saying that they were originally located at Pioneer Park OR enter them under Gawler Pioneer Park as they originally were from there OR as the plaque of those buried at Pioneer Park have been transcribed, add a note that "these people's headstones are now located at Willaston Cemetery."
asked in Other by Overworked BG Beginner (270 points)

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I took a look at the entrance to that cemetery and it looks like the flat/angled stone on either side might be the ones you mean. If so, I would take separate photo of each one and transcribe it as a separate record. Then in Grave INformation add the comment that these stones were originally in the Gawler Pioneer Park.

I also looked at the large list of names at Gawler Park, and if the names on these stones are also inscribed there, you might take the time to go back and add the death dates and other information as found on these headstones, so if someone in future is search for the person, they might look at either index and find the person.

So happy that these old stones were conserved in this way and the others are commenorated in the large list memorial plaques.

answered by dswright BG Master (38.4k points)
Thanks for your answer, its good to have this type of feedback.