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Why are they all showing up transcribed again??   There may be 1 out of 5 NOT transcribed or they are pictures that are totally UNREADABLE!   I wish they'd get it all together again.  It shows over 70000 to be transcribed and we are lucky to get one.  WAKE UP BEFORE YOU LOSE EVERYONE BECAUSE OF WAST OF TIME!!!  Same ole, same ole as before.  

asked in Other by Agnes BG Rookie (900 points)

1 Answer

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Please see my response to Shirley at this post:


Don't waste your time on hard to read stones; the photographers may not be bad; just that the stones are old and worn and the light is wrong.

My approach is if it is all readable at first or second glance then I transcribe; if not I skip it.

answered by dswright BG Master (37.9k points)
I can understand about old headstones and bugs BUT what I want to know is WHY they are showing up ALREADY TRANSCRIBED?  I would think the transcribed ones should be going to finished land.
I know that if I just hit the public queue, it will sometimes do this. Are the records one that YOU have transcribed, or some random sample of stones from whereever and whenever?

I have not had this problem for a few weeks; have you tried clearing your cache?

Try various combinations of selecting only English as language, and a particular cemetery that you know you have not transcribed from recently.

I just ran through about 30-40 from the main queue and only got one hit that was already transcribe, so can't figure out why you are having this problem.

Did you try sending a request to BG support? They might know how ti fix it for you.

Give them your device and OS; and a few URLs for some the records that you are seeing that are already transcribed.

Sorry I can't help.

Yes, I sent a note to support.  NOTHING!  It's still doing it.  I don't have that problem in the ones for Great Britain.  Why would it happen in the USA????
I have cleaned the cache twice and still the same ole same ole.  I give up.  Too much of a hassle for free labor I'd say!  Send a carrier pigeon when THEY have it corrected.  I'll be somewhere.

Also, I have tried so many of the different cemeteries in the USA and STILL they show either to bad to transcribe or already transcribed.  Why would I be the only one with this problem?  I don't have problems in Great Britain and DON"T understand why I would in USA.  

I'm finished.  

Agnes (waiting for carrier pigeon soon)

3 to 4 ours of sitting and going thru the mess of already done and bad photos...WOW! 142 done for the day thanks to Great Britain!!