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Locating Cemeteries with no Cellular Service

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I am about to venture into a part of the country with little or no cellular service (i.e. no data).

I have tried to pre print Cemetery Maps, however - most cemeteries do not show up on the map.

? Is there a way I can find cemeteries on BG whilst traveling through this area of zero technology / offline. (nearby cemeteries function is dead when there is no cell service)

I have tried to work out manually what cemeteries are in the areas I am traveling through, however my brain gave up due to the complexity of having to re-trace all possible cemeteries as most were missing off the BG Cemetery Map when viewing what was present. (They were there when you searched each individual one).

It would be great to have offline maps with all cemeteries & data available.

asked Nov 21, 2017 in Frequently Asked Questions by WisperHawk BG Rookie (690 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Alan, I guess you could get an old fashioned paper map of the area you are visiting, one with the cemeteries marked. The GPS should hopefully still work despite the lack of mobile phone service as I gather it uses overhead GPS satellites. You could upload your photos when reaching a mobile phone reception area or even better a wifi service. Even in cities I often print off a cemetery map with pins to identify areas of the cemetery that still need photos taken.  I also seem to recall Google Maps has a function which allows you to download and use offline maps but I have not used it.
answered Jan 28 by megabear BG Explorer (2,060 points)