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End of week 2

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It has been 2 weeks of this and it has darn well got old.  NOTHING but already transcribed and stones you CANNOT READ.  Makes me wonder if anyone is listening or are they IGNORING everyone.

Not happy with this at all.  It's still the same ole same ole!!!  You shouldn't have to mess up on site to update another. Don't fix whats not broke!!
asked Nov 25, 2017 in Other by Agnes BG Rookie (700 points)

1 Answer

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Do you have your transcription button set to a particular country or cemetery?  I just have my language set to English (and even with that I get some non-english stones).  I'm not having your issues at all (but I have had this in the past).  There are many pictures in the US cemeteries that are hard to read.  That comes with the territory.  Some people take lousy pictures and don't review them before they upload, nor do they remove them if reported.  If the pictures truly aren't legible, you should report them and they will eventually be removed from the que.
answered Nov 26, 2017 by Agster BG Explorer (1,660 points)
I was doing cemetery by cemetery but have chosen to do only English and no certain cemetery.  I guess because I live in Arizona, the only ones coming thru are from Arizona.  Sometimes you just feel like throwing your hands up and saying I quit.  I enjoy this type of work too much to do that.  People out there that can't travel will be able to see their ancestors stones.  BUT then others won't because of really bad stones and really bad pictures!  I'll just keep on keeping on.  :)