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Please tell me you WILL NOT make the new Transcription Page mandantory? It is pathetic.

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PLEASE, tell me you will not make the new transcription page mandantory!!!!!  It is pathetic
asked Dec 6, 2017 in Other by Shirley BG Explorer (1,340 points)
Why not, I think it's way better.

Large image and also the implementation of some basic image manipulation, now I don't have to copy/past in to Gimp. To fill in dates is much quicker now, since I can use number for the month field.

But of course it's maybe because I have not used the old transcript page so much to get used to it (as the new one).

But need some improvements.

1. Zoom should be faster.

2. Moving around the picture, does not work perfect. Strange with the click and release then move..

3. Go to Next Image: CTRL + > doesn't work for me.

4. In the "Settings" I like it to remember my changes for the "Simple Mode".

5. They should improve the sanity check when pressing save, it's for instance easy to save someone who is 500 years old.

6. When pressing Ctrl-<I> (add new record), the new record fields do not align up well every time (so I must scroll, and I prefer not to use the mouse so much).
(Editing my comment after playing with the new look some more)  

I definitely like the side by side view.  

I definitely do not like how the image gets rated now.  Before you could do one click to say it's good (which the vast majority are).  Now you have to do two clicks regardless of whether it's good or not good.

I just noticed that you can save a transcription without rating an image.  There is no block like previously done.  Maybe they are (perhaps rightfully) assuming the image is good if you're saving it.

I like that the date issue with (11, 12, 21, 22, etc.) appears to be fixed.

I like when a new person is added that the family name gets automatically entered.  Just have to remember to change it when needed!

I like that the first letter is automatically capitalized.  That is a nice change.

I do not like that the first letter in "others not buried here" is not automatically capitalized.

I like that you can change what is in the simple form vs advanced.  Why can't that be saved to be the default?  Did I miss where that can happen?

I agree with ds that the marriage date should be after the death date.

I would like to see the "add person" button be moved up so you don't have to scroll down to access it.

DS:  I think the names on the left are what BG is thinking might be potentials for duplicates that would need to be merged.  It's kind of annoying when that pops up.

The suggestion was made about the age thing to have some type of check years ago, but nothing has happened with it.

Overall, a positive change!
I've done the new page long enough to know I don't like it.  When they fix one thing, they create another.  Double clicking tab to move on the date from month, day, year, has been happening since before Christmas.  Today I thought maybe they had fixed it and it worked till I noticed NOW when you tab across the month and day if you dont put one in, it AUTOMATICALLY puts in January and the #1 in the day. .'m sick of the hassle of it all.  If you hit something wrong, you are taken TOTALLY off the stones you were doing.  You try to start a new cemetery, the name changes but the pictures show you still in the same old cemetery.  If you can't fix it, get someone who can!!!  You will be losing people soon!

3 Answers

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Please respond and tell us what you do and don't like about it. They are asking for our feedback so please make practical suggestions.

I used it twice, and last night for about an hour to really test the things I did not like the first go and I have already sent them a BG support response with specific ideas/changes.

1. Need to move the marriage date field below the death date.

2. I like the maiden name in that position, but could see where others might not.

3. The "persons not buried here" works much better. I had a dual stone of two children from different parents who died on the same day (/?reason) and were buried together. I was able to enter the children names and then the parents, for each child, and after a few mistakes on my part, when I refresh, it clearly stated the relationship of the others on the stone for each child. No longer merged and mangled relationships.

4. Have not yet figured out why those other names are popping up in upper left? Anyone know why?

5. Not sure if I like the short version or the advanced version as a default.

6. The military parser does a better job I think, and I like the religious symbol separate. I do wish they would put in fraternal/dcommunity organization symbols. There are a lot of those on stones in the US and it would be nice to have those in the searchable database. For example, all members of Eastern Star in a cemetery?

7. I also like that they have the international alphabet characters in a menu. I have often skipped stones with Spanish or Portuguese characters because it was not easy to get those diacriticals in my computer.

Anyway, I mostly like it so far. Does still need some tweaking.

answered Dec 6, 2017 by dswright BG Master (34,390 points)

"4. Have not yet figured out why those other names are popping up in upper left? Anyone know why?"

That's suggestion for merger, it seems like it follow what you type and then update the suggestion. I didn't understand it in the beginning, but then I started to notice it was name that I was writing in my transcript. Then it was possible to click the picture (not the zipper). Then I can see it's the same grave. So then instead I can press the zipper (or if it's merging lanes maybe). And then it will will merge the picture (as identical headstone). Very convenient, because it also fill in what the other person has transcribed (which might be more than I can do with the image I'm transcribing.

" 5. Not sure if I like the short version or the advanced version as a default."

I prefer the short version after I have change present element to my likes in "Settings". But maybe a suggestion would be that the user can shuffle them as well to arbitrary position as well. Anything that speed up transcribe should always be welcomed.

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With the issue of cemetery images, rather than headstones showing up in the transcription list; it would be nice if there was someway you could designate an image as a cemetery picture rather than headstone.  I know a previous build of the app had a glitch that didn't differentiate the two.

Early days in my testing of the new transcription page, but I do like the full page image. Also in the settings you can make some changes in the setup which is nice.

One thing I don't like, is after you input a date let's say, you have to hit tab twice to get it to move to the next field. You hit it once to accept what you typed and a second time for the cursor to move to the next field. It's a waste of a key stroke, if I hit tab I'm saying yes that's what I want, now please move to the next field.
answered Dec 13, 2017 by P35K377 BG Explorer (2,310 points)
edited Dec 13, 2017 by P35K377
I have mostly positive reviews on this change. It is SO much easier to see the stone. I love that you can edit the photo with Image Filter. I agree that Marriage Date should be on bottom. I don't like that I have to tab twice to move to the next field date.  I like that you can merge stones without going to another page and losing all your settings. and you can check to see whether all the info has been transcribed. I really like the Ratings - You can click that the image is blurred or that the stone is unreadable instead of saying BAD IMAGE.  

I've also cut down on my transcribing time because I'm sick of seeing the same unreadable stones day after day. If it's not readable - why not click 'Stone is unreadable'? Won't that take it out of the queue? And if the photographer thinks it is readable - then the photographer should transcribe the stone.

All in all, I'm extremely pleased with new program.
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I was one of the testers for the new screen since before it was even part of the Billion Graves site and I love just about everything on the new transcription screen . . . there are a few glitches, but you can click on the Feedback button (along left edge) and report these.     Sometimes things seem to work better on the US graves, than on the foreign entries - but as I said you can report them.

Auto capitalizations is great; carrying forward the last name is great; being able to tab for the dates is great; having the foreign characters readily available for the  names is great (although I would like it if they were ordered so that the Capital was next to the lower case, rather than all capitals and then all lower cases).   I love being able to personalize the  short version to include just those fields that  I normally enter.    I like being able to click on previously entered headstones to merge them into the one I'm working on . . . although it seems BG will only accept ONE merge per headstone, even though there may be 3 matches.   I like the bigger picture of the stone, and being able to filter to be able to get a better view of some of the bad stones.

I also use the CTRL function of Saving, Next Image, Add an Individual and Open Military Input - and find that using the keyboard instead of the mouse for these really speeds things up.

I have reported a number of glitches and some of them have been corrected already.    And I'm also happy the marriage date has been moved - that was a nice improvement.   I didn't like it where it was, but had not suggested that change . . . so I'm glad someone else did.

All in all, I think it is a great improvement . . . can always use some tweaking, but that is to be expected.

Kudos to the BG staff on their hard work!

answered Jan 20 by k_lassman BG Beginner (310 points)