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Why, if you take a photograph, why not look at them before posting, and don't post terrible photos..  Try taking more than one pic. of the marker and then post one that is legible
asked in Rating by Shirley BG Explorer (1.4k points)
edited by Shirley
Really aggravating to keep getting photos that anyone can see are not legible.  Is this just to get the numbers?
Totally agree, what a waste of time taking photos that will never be transcribed. Why would people do it for the numbers, no prizes for doing it !!!! In some cases, I have gone to the cemetery and retaken photos and then merged them.
on the new version, why can't we put that a photo is bad, worst we can say is it is blurred, what a load of rubbish, if its bad we need to be able to say so

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It is extremely aggravating to see poorly photographed headstones. However, when using the BG app, the volunteer can see the image on the screen. Additionally, you can adjust settings to "Preview after Capture" to determine if the photo is a clear copy. Unfortunately, your frustration isn't a new one to "seasoned" BG volunteers and there is no way to "force" volunteers to take better pictures. You can mark their photos as poor quality, but it doesn't have any impact.
answered by Maddog1972 BG Beginner (220 points)
It's always frustrating to go to a cemetery to transcribe and find they are all done and STILL in line to be done.  I have found many bad pictures but what really gets to me is that when a picture is taken, they don't get the last name in the picture.  Guess we're suppose to read the bottom of the letters..???  I think it's time to take all out of the transcribe section that have been transcribe and live those that need to be transcribed.  I see no purpose of them even being there.  If the transcriber knows what he/she doing then its all ok.  I'm not wanting to be an inspector for the cause.