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There seem to be thousands of pictures out there of images that should be linked - the backs of headstones mostly.  Some of these I can link by reviewing the picture ahead or behind, but not always.  How can we help new photographers understand how crucial it is that they properly link all images of the same headstone together?  These additional photos contain helpful and important information - usually about other family members - but they are useless unless we can attach them to the correct family members.  Please do not start to photograph graves until you understand and are comfortable with linking images.  Thanks everyone for the good work you do.
asked in Linking Feature by THansen3 BG Beginner (180 points)

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Unfortunately, I don't think you'll find a solution by asking this question here. The folks who are making the mistake you're asking about do so out of ignorance when they don't capture the family name headstone and link to the surrounding stones. However, the other issue is that not all volunteers have the same intuition. By this I mean that I've taken over 25,000 photos and sometimes the stones look alike and the names are the same, but other times, I don't link them because it's not apparent that there's a relationship.

At the end of the day, the getting started tutorial briefly covers linking family name headstones, but not the myriad of other situations.

answered by Maddog1972 BG Beginner (220 points)