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This is the information on the headstone.
William K. Cutshaw, Ohio, CPL CO H 134 Infantry World War II. Feb. 11, 1921 ~ Nov. 2, 1962.
and this is how it came out.
Military Record: Christian, Rank(s): Corporal, Branch(es): Infantry, Conflict(s): World War II, Plot: H 134.
Now I am pretty sure that it had nothing to do with Plot.
asked in Support Requests by Lene BG Beginner (120 points)

1 Answer

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Military information is often not as transcribed. If I know what the initials stand for, I opt to put the full description. I have become aware of some of the misinterpretations e.g. France, Lance Corporal, come up as Nurse, some Service numbers, especially if they have a letter, come out as a plot !!!! New Zealand Air Force hardly ever transcribe correctly. Just transcribe what you see and forget about how it records !!
answered by Marijke Bullians BG Explorer (1.9k points)

Please don't forget about how BG mangles your transcription. Just go to the record and correct BG's mistakes.
BG has been told so many times about this problem and nothing gets fixed, so we can only do our best