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In December 2017 I uploaded a large number of Photos taken whilst travelling

I now have a group of 50 with no  identified Cemetery under My Photos and can't access them

These are also now missing from the Cemeteries I visited other photos were fine.

When I went to Transcribe, these Photo's showed Null for Cemetery Details.

I note that the BG app will not let you take a photo unless there is a good GPS location present.

.. I have advised BG Support
asked in Uploading Images from BG apps by WisperHawk BG Rookie (800 points)

1 Answer

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I have noticed a number of photos coming up with Null for Cemetery Details in the lower left hand corner of the new transcription screen. These cannot be transcribed while the cemetery is null but if you select the pencil symbol you can edit the cemetery to which the photo is attached. Usually this will bring up nearby cemeteries and I select the first one in the list but if you are the actual photographer you will probably have a better idea which is the correct one to select. Sometimes there are no cemeteries to select and in this case I suggrest you contact BG Support with the URL of the problem image.I hope this helps.
answered by megabear BG Explorer (2.5k points)