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Does your database include countries outside the US, like Lithuania?

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asked Jan 15 in New to BillionGraves by dweiner51 BG Beginner (120 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, there are quite a few cemeteries in the database for Lithuania. If you want to see if a particular one is there, it is easier to use the site map and drill down. Go to the bottom of your dashboard page and at the right find Site Map. Click on that and you will see a list of all the countries / places in the index. Click on Lithuania and you will get a return of subsets such as provinces. Click on the province and you will see a list of all the cemeteries in that region/province. The geographic place names are rather fluid and may not actually be correct by local terms. If so feel free to correct them.

I don't know how the search for person works in other languages, but if you are looking for a person, use the main search feature. You need to understand that the search thing will not use sound-alike or alternate spellings, so be a speciifc as you can and try a bunch of differnt ways to spell/enter the names. Usually less information is more like to get a list that includes your search target.

Good luck,

answered Jan 16 by dswright BG Master (35,270 points)