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does Billiongraves have any records from the Island of Jersey?

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Hello, I have an ancestor , Henry Howard ,of whom we have a death date of 6th Dec 1844 but no death location. We know that his widow was living on the island of Jersey in 1845. Does Billiongraves have access to the Island of Jersey death registers? Henry Howard was born in Crediton, Devon in 1790 .
asked Jan 20 in New to BillionGraves by muzzafree BG Beginner (130 points)

2 Answers

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Billiongraves uses volunteers to take photos and transcribe them. It is not a look up service but you are welcome to use it search it for your ancestor without cost. I suggest you go to the search screen which will allow you to search by person or location. If you search by location for St Heliers Jersey you will find some records. 

answered Jan 20 by megabear BG Explorer (2,060 points)
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Jersey and Guernsey and other isles in that group are listed as Channel Islands - UK, and then Jersey and Guernsey are treated as a "province" if that helps you in looking up those places.  

answered Jan 21 by dswright BG Master (35,270 points)