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How can I explain further the reason a photo has a problem?

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A problem that keeps repeating itself in Hebrew pair burials in Israel is when the head stone has the family name in the middle and it is not repeated again next to the first names. Sometimes the photo only shows the begining or the end of the family name.

At other times I see grave stones where only the lower stone survived where the date is perfectly legible but there are no names whatsoever to transcribe.

When I try to add a note to clarify why I marked the photo as having a problem under "Other" there is no field to enter the reason. When I write it in the Epitaph\description part it isn't saved if I had no name or surname to enter.

Any ideas what to do?
asked Feb 4 in Other by Sarit BG Beginner (160 points)

1 Answer

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Sorry I don;t know what you can do. Discussing it here may be a starting point. It may be the photographer is unable to read the language of the stone they are photographing or alternatively they have taken a photo of the part of the grave with the name and forgotten to link  Have you checked the images on the linking page? I sometimes encountered a similar problem with graves that only have the surname on the footstone  and given names on the headstone and I quickly realised the importance of photographing and linking all parts of a grave.
answered Feb 6 by megabear BG Explorer (2,060 points)