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asked in New to BillionGraves by mariew563 BG Rookie (570 points)

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Hi Mariew563,

Do you mean a photo request that you fulfilled by taking and uploading a picture or a photo request where you have requested a photo to be taken for you?

Cheers Jim
answered by Whitejaegar BG Master (92.7k points)
I mean photo requests that I fullfilled.  I have at least 21 requests that I accepted and fulfilled that are still listed under photo requests .  Most have the statement "This request has been completed by mariew563. Completion comments:completed"   Some say "Completion comments: undefined".  Some show someone else fulfilled the request but most indicate they have been completed or resolved. Here is a URL for one of these requests:   https://billiongraves.com/request/Rulon-D-Pincock/23055#/

Thank you for helping me with my issues.  Marie

Thanks Marie,
When you have fulfilled the photo request the best and easiest way I've found to remove yourself is to click on My Photo Requests in the Research drop down menu.

Then scroll down and click on a Photo Request that has been completed to open it.

Then under Volunteers there will be your name listed with a black cross next to it.

Click on the Black Cross and the request is removed from your list.

Hope this helps, Cheers Jim