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problem filter "unknown language"

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I am going through "unknown language" filter without any other filters activated while surfing the web from my computer. I pass over 3-4 graves in languages i don't know and come across one in Hebrew. When I am done and click on "save" nothing happens. Refreshing the page erases all my work and the only way out is to go through skip.

I tried refreshing the website every time I reach a grave in a language i do know and it doesn't work either.

Please help.
asked Feb 5 in Bugs/Fixes by Sarit BG Beginner (160 points)

1 Answer

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Next time this happens, check to see what is shown in the line that has the photographer's name. If it looks like this, 

Image # 16373487 | Photographer: Tanya | null (null)

Then it will not be able to save, as the cemetery itself has no GPS definition and the record can not be saved to a null designation. If that is the case, and it often occurs in these Language Unknown groups, then all you can do is copy and paste the URL and report it to BG support, so they can remove it from the sort or correct the location. Nothing else you can do with it, so just SKIP any that have the null/null in that line. 

And, even if that is not the issue, the next time this happens, you should copy the URL and send it to BG support with an explanation of the issue. . They can't fix what they don't know about. 

Hope this helps, DS

answered Feb 7 by dswright BG Master (34,510 points)