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A-Z list of names in a cemetery

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Is there a way to view the last names in a list from A to Z in a cemetery?
asked Feb 7 in Viewing by YaYa BG Beginner (130 points)

2 Answers

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Hi YaYa,

If you go to the main page of the cemetery you wish to view you will find a 'Browse' button that will bring up an alphabetical list sorted by surname for you.

Cheers Jim

answered Feb 7 by Whitejaegar BG Master (90,540 points)
Unfortunately, that method to get an alphabetical listing (clicking on Browse) still isn't working and hasn't for months.   You will end up with two lists . . . A-Z  for some of the entries, and then the list will start again A-Z  for other entries.    This has been reported to Support by a number of people (see other posts on the Merge topic, for example).     It's a real pain, because it makes it hard for a researcher to see all the headstones for a given family at once (some are in the first group, and some in the second group).    It is also a pain for those of us who look for and handle "Merges" . . . you can't merge two of the same headstones, if you can't see them.   

I hadn't done any merges for some time because of this issue . . . and tried again this evening.   Now not only do I get two different A-Z lists, but when I do find two graves that need to be merged, and hit the "return" after doing the merge, I'm taken back to the page with the "Browse" button again . . . and then have to locate the page I had been working on.    This is a NEW problem, which I had not been having before.    A month or so ago, at least I was taken back to the page I had been working on.    Hopefully Support can get this corrected soon.
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Hi YaYa,

I use the sitemap screens to get an alphabetic listing. It has the advantage of being all on one page unlike Whitejaegar's method. The disadvantage is you can't see the stones until you click each entry..

Start by typing or cutting and pasting - https://billiongraves.com/sitemap/  into the command line on your browser. Select the country, then the provincial division if any and drill down until you get a listing of cemeteries. Select the cemetery you want  and you will get an alphabetical listing of all graves that have been transcribed.

A small cemetery for example:

answered Feb 12 by megabear BG Explorer (2,060 points)
edited Feb 12 by megabear