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Why is a photographer leaving an item on gravestones?

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I'm transcribing a cemetery and the photographer places an item in each photo (a small wooden stick). Weird. Any idea why?
asked Mar 7 in Taking Pictures by tuckersmom BG Explorer (1,100 points)

1 Answer

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Could you post a couple of URLs to show us what this looks like? It may be some kind of marker that a group is using to know which graves have been photographed. If so, they need to be told to remove the marker before taking the photo.

In my opinion, we as photographers should not be leaving anything on the grave except maybe a fresh flower. I think BG actually has stated in the past that we should not place objects on the graves.

answered Mar 7 by dswright BG Master (36,070 points)
Dwight, I tried to send a shot, but I couldn't send a snapshot in response to your email.

Here is the url  -- https://billiongraves.com/transcribe/21995975  Hutson Old Cemetery, Illinois, USA
Thanks for the link. It looks llike a stick of some kind, maybe being used to give an approximate size, and it looks like the same stick in the several photos, It may be something they were using in a documentation/size project. Maybe they thought that this would be less iintrusive than using a ruler of some kind. In that case, I agree.

This is an interesting cemetery with a lot of very old stones, and it appears that some effort is being made to document the entire place and I also noticed that some of the older stones now have newer stones next to them, with the grave information on the new stones.

Would I be wrong in presuming that the photographer is using the stick to identify their photos - so if someone took them (to put on another site for example) they would be able to tell? Copyright purposes?