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Cannot login to my Billion graves account using my Android app

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I had some photos on my Android device that would not upload.  The solution to fix the issue was to log out of my Billion Graves app account on the device and log back in.  I was able to log out but I cannot get logged back in again.  The login spins for several seconds and then finally says login failed.  This has been going on for three days.  To verify my login credentials I logged out of Billion Graves on both my laptop and desktop computers.  Logged back in with no issues.  Using the same credentials I cannot login on my Android Moto G device.  This phone has been working fine for well over a year with no issues.  What do I do short of removing the app and reinstalling?
asked Mar 11 in Android Devices by Don V BG Rookie (500 points)
I also can only log on with PC but not either of 2 Samsung phones (S7 and S9) after being reinstalled.
There seems to be several others with this issue as well.  I created a help desk support ticket (#3231) a couple of days ago and it was closed yesterday with no action taken.  Not sure what is going on.
Yep, same problem here.  Will not let me login -- just spins forever and give me a login failure message
Same.  Signing in on my Samsung won't work but I can get on my pc.

3 Answers

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Same problem here :( :(
answered Mar 13 by Kiddyrose BG Beginner (180 points)
I too, have the same problem.  Will not let me log back in -- even after I have deleted my application, rebooted my phone, re-installed it, and tried again.
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Back working again,able to login and upload photos
answered 3 days ago by kelvin1962 BG Explorer (1,240 points)
Yes, I received an update to the BG app yesterday evening which I installed.  Checked it out this afternoon.  Log in was fixed and uploading photos was fixed.  All working again now.  The picture taking in the app appears to have some new features for the camera that I haven't looked at yet.
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Please remember when reporting Android App problems to give Support as much information as possible about your device and the problem being experienced: https://community.billiongraves.com/1463/my-android-device-not-working-correctly-what-steps-take-now

answered 6 days ago by Whitejaegar BG Master (91,380 points)
The link takes you to an answer from almost four years ago and appears to be centered around issues with using the GPS location.  Nothing mentioned here about not being able to use the app at all or to even login to BillionGraves with it.  I did go ahead and create a help desk ticket #3231 which was closed without comment after one day.  Giving up on trying to save the photos taken I went ahead and uninstalled the app and reinstalled.  Still cannot login.