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earlier today I took 110 pictures using billion Graves. Now I'm trying to upload those pictures and I cannot even log into billion Graves.com. I can log-in on my PC which is Windows. I've uninstalled and reinstalled billiongraves but that did not help. When I took the pictures earlier today it logged right in and I was able to take the pictures. At that time I logged in with Facebook. I use
 not4u2bee@hotmail.com as my login for both BG and FB..
asked in Getting Started by Martin BG Beginner (170 points)
I am having same problem.

2 Answers

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Try again to login
answered by kelvin1962 BG Explorer (1.3k points)
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I received an update to the BG app yesterday evening which I installed.  Checked it out this afternoon.  Log in was fixed and uploading photos was fixed.  All working again now.  The picture taking in the app appears to have some new features for the camera that I haven't looked at yet.

answered by Don V BG Rookie (500 points)