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My Supporting Records Not Appearing

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Hello all,

I have added about 500+ records to the Great Southern Garden of Rememberance cemetery here in QLD Australia.

I have started transcribing my own records, but there are a number of issues I've found;

1. If I search on a name I have transcribed I can find it, but it does not state the cemetery where the picture was taken. https://billiongraves.com/supporting-record/Brian-Kelly/99590032

2. The cemetery pin, nor the page for the cemetery https://billiongraves.com/cemetery/Great-Southern-Garden-of-Rememberance/153914 shows any photos or transcriptions.

This may just be me being a newbie, so sorry for the silly questions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



asked Mar 13 in Adding by AJ in Oz BG Beginner (130 points)

3 Answers

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If you have added those records as supporting records, not from the BG app with GPS enabled, they will not show up as pins on the map of the cemetery nor will they show up as records in the index. And they are not searchable.

Sorry, but the only way you get the images into the cemetery as mapped items is via the BG app. Even if you took those photos with a camera and they have GPS data associated with that image, it does not transfer to BG when uploaded as a supporting record.

Someone needs to take those photos with a smart device via the BG app.

answered Mar 13 by dswright BG Master (36,070 points)
edited 6 days ago by dswright
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The Supporting Records are actually searchable and do show up in as results after a search.

Searching for Brian Kelly's Record, which you have added bought up the result, but it appears not to have been attributed to a cemetery. Please see the screenshot below.

I'm not sure if a cemetery can be added to a Supporting Record after its been uploaded. You'll need to contact Support to see if they can attribute it to the cemetery.

answered 6 days ago by Whitejaegar BG Master (91,380 points)
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There is some sort of glitch as here is a comparison of an earlier Supporting Record I uploaded compared with yours which is not showing the 'Cemetery'.

I know you transcribed it correctly as I re-uploaded the photo of Brian Kelly's headstone, ensured the correct cemetery was selected and when the photo was uploaded it appeared without a cemetery attributed.

It's worth sending Support an email to see if it can be rectified. Include as much information as possible and URL's where relevant, including perhaps the URL of this Community Messageboard entry.

Cheers Jim

answered 6 days ago by Whitejaegar BG Master (91,380 points)