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I recently transcribed my own images and on the page it says that there are six images left to be transcribed.   When click on the link one of two things happen

1.  It goes to another cemetery, not the I've been working on.

2.  It goes to images already transcribed.  

There are some images that are not transcribed (taken last year) because the tombstones are worn,  but this last batch I did were all newer monuments and were all legible.  

I'm stumped.

asked in Other by BeNotForgotten BG Veteran (14.5k points)

1 Answer

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The counter that shows up at the top a cemetery page is very inconsistent/unreliable. What I have found is to go to the photos at the bottom of the page and click on "untranscribed images" to see those not yet transcribed. Even then, it does not always show all of them. There is some kind of buggy code for the various counters used by BG and they almost never are consistent.

I have also found while doing cemetery-wide corrections work, that there are a lot more untranscribed showing in the cemetery map than in that filter window.

You should be able to do your own from the MY PHOTOS and do them in the order that you photographed without having the thing flip you out to a different cemetery. I have  not been able to get out and take a bunch of photos of my own, so can't test out what I am saying there.

Carry on,

answered by dswright BG Master (37.9k points)