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I keep thinking one day I will come in to transcribe and the "WHOLE" new one will work together like it should!  I will be so surprised to the point of passing out!  By gosh it would be simply AMAZING!  If you hit the wrong key my mistake, you wont be thrown out of the program..WOW!  If you move over to raise the picture, you wont loose your spot and can go right back to the SAME place to finish without reclicking there.  Just minor things to all but it is getting so bad that YOU should be glad YOU CAN'T HEAR ME!!!  I personally hate the new program but use it with the hopes that someone will know what they are doing and fix it!  

Thank You!
asked in Transcribing Images by Agnes BG Rookie (900 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Agnes,

You can still transcribe on the old page if it is more familiar/comfortable/user friendly by clicking on the drop down tab on the Transcription Page as shown below. You can also provide more direct feedback to BG by using the 'Feedback' tab, which will open an email link to send them your feedback.

Hope this helps, Cheers Jim

answered by Whitejaegar BG Master (92.7k points)